Why your Social Media Traffic is not Converting?

In this article we will learn Why your Social Media Traffic is not Converting? Targeting the Wrong Audience? Are you Sending Traffic to Right Place?

12. May 2023
Why your Social Media Traffic is not Converting?

Social media has gained popularity as a tool for promoting companies, but is your company getting the benefits? You expect to see benefits if you put time, money, and effort into a social media campaign, whether those results are financial through sales or simply raising awareness of your company and brand among the public. 

In this article, we will learn Why your Social Media Traffic is not Converting?

Your entire social media campaign is worthless

The campaign's overall activity is inappropriate for reaching the audience you intend to reach. One of the first things you need to do is figure out what audience you want to target and which channel is the best place to discover that audience before you start your social media campaign and activity. You need to plan ahead and not simply jump in.

When your audience is on Facebook, there is no use in investing all your work on LinkedIn

A social media strategy might also be hampered by an improper mix of promotional and social content. Using social media to advertise your company, products, or services more is obviously a good idea, but you shouldn't go overboard.

Users do not want to constantly be exposed to sales-related information. Make sure you are talking to and connecting with your potential consumers on a more human level rather than just treating them like dollar signs.

You won't even be able to drive traffic to your website, much less convert it, if your entire social media strategy isn't directed in the appropriate direction.

Each of your posts is ineffective and irrelevant

We've previously established that you may lower your traffic conversion by starting without considering the location of your audience. However, even with a sound channel strategy, poor content might cause you to fail. 

Potential clients won't be interested in your postings if the messaging is off. To make sure that your content does engage, there are a lot of message errors that may be made and prevented.

  • People are visual, therefore amid a sea of other messages, a message lacking in graphics is very easy to overlook.
  • Asking questions to your audience can help you engage them rather than just talking at them. You will then be able to respond with the solution.
  • You need to grab the attention of your audience with something intriguing, something they want to learn more about, something brand-new, or something unique.
  • Avoid writing essays! While you are constrained by the quantity of characters on Twitter, you have more writing space on Facebook and LinkedIn. Avoid doing this since it will cause individuals to lose interest early.


The right messaging might be challenging to develop, so you'll need to experiment to determine what works. Of course, don't use the same fundamental message layout repeatedly because repetition is boring.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Determining who to target with a social media campaignAs we've already discussed, one of the first things you consider when planning a social media campaign is the audience you'll be aiming for and where to find them. However, if your social media audience is the incorrect one, there is a chance that they won't visit your website and, if they do, if what you have to offer isn't the proper fit for them, they won't convert.

Identify the right Audience

Many social media accounts have purchased hundreds or thousands of followers in order to demonstrate their enormous following, in addition to targeting the incorrect audience. It's not the proper strategy. You want followers that actively seek out your content and are really interested in what you have to say and give. More than a vanity quantity of follows, having the right audience will enhance traffic to your website and the possibility that it will translate into sales.

Send Traffic to Right Place

Consider this to be a road detour; if the diversion is put up incorrectly, people will wind up at the incorrect location and will undoubtedly be displeased. The same holds true for website traffic. If we create a social media post that is specifically about our training, it should include a link to that page on our website rather than simply the main page.

Make sure they can find out more if they interact with your article and take the time to click on the link.

Make things easy for your Visitors

Even if you haven't made a sale at this point, when visitors arrive at your website, they have already shown interest in the good or service you wish to offer. Any opportunity you had of converting them will be rapidly lost if your landing page is entirely irrelevant.


Despite having a strong social media presence that drives attention to your website, you aren't getting any leads, sales, or even downloads. It's possible that your website's appearance, feel, and messaging are where you're failing. Just because someone visits your website from one of your social media pages doesn't guarantee that they will make a purchase.

Getting traffic from social media is comparable to getting traffic from a search engine to your website. The probability that you will convert visitors into purchases is quite low if the design is subpar, the content is not optimised, and the consumer experience has not been taken into consideration.

Your website should at the very least provide educational and helpful material so that visitors may decide for themselves whether to buy your good or service.Potential consumers are unlikely to make a purchase choice based just on the little information they learned from a social media post; rather, social media is merely the beginning of a customer journey.


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