Top 10 Best Chegg Alternatives in 2023

There are several platforms like Chegg. In this article you can find top 10 Chegg Alternatives in 2023 like Stack Exchange, Quizlet, Course Hero and more.

10. Jun 2023
Top 10 Best Chegg Alternatives in 2023

Chegg is a well-known brand in the online education sector and has been operational since 2006. Students looking for an answer to a challenging mathematical problem or other subject find the site to be a gift. 

Additionally, it offers the option of renting either a new or used book, and for those who need them, it also provides internships and scholarships. Students can also purchase memberships and take use of Chegg's additional advantages.

10 Best Chegg Alternatives in 2023

1. Stack Exchange

2. Quizlet


4. Course Hero

5. Bartleby


7. StudyDaddy

8. Quora

9. School Solver

10. 24 Hour Answers


1. Stack Exchange

If you need help with Q&As, Stack Exchange is a great Chegg substitute. Given that there are over 170 sites and subdomains in the Stack Exchange network, each of which is devoted to questions on a particular topic, it's one of the greatest locations to look for answers on any topic.

There are much more topics than on Chegg, from straightforward subjects like travel to complex technical subjects.

Stack Exchange


On Stack Exchange, you are not required to spend any money to ask questions, unlike Chegg. But remember that anybody may respond to a question on Stack Exchange; you don't have to be an expert, and none of the questions are subjected to peer review.

In other words, don't take the responses too seriously. Do more independent research; don't completely rely on them.

For offering answers that other people find useful, people do receive badges. There are three levels of badges: bronze, silver, and gold; the more badges an expert possesses, the more probable it is that their response is accurate and truthful.

2. Quizlet

Another fantastic Chegg alternative is Quizlet, which you may use for studying, homework assistance, and reviewing your course material. Although there is a Quizlet Plus plan, using it is free.



You may access a variety of free textbooks online with Quizlet. You can also browse questions on any subject and get professional explanations.

Your notes and flashcards may be arranged into "study sets," and you can use your camera to take pictures of your notes and add them to your sets. Enter your school and course information into Quizlet's search bar to see the recommended study resources if you'd like to see them.

You may build intricate diagrams, learn step-by-step solutions, and do a lot more with Quizlet Plus. Quizlet Plus' mobile app now enables offline learning.

Since Quizlet's free plan offers you access to the majority of the site, unlike Chegg, it could be preferable than Chegg. It's excellent if all you need is a location to explore or make flashcards for spaced repetition learning rather than direct answers to your inquiries.


A great alternative for Chegg is, sometimes known as Answers. Although it offers a free plan that will be adequate for many students, Answers+, its premium plan, is far less expensive than Chegg Study.


Several options are offered, with the lowest starting at just $1.99/month (paid yearly). Pricing starts at just $9.99/month even if you pay monthly, and there are sometimes flash specials when you can acquire any plan for 50% off.

There is no limit to the number of Questions, you can ask unlimited Questions. guarantees that it will "run out of answers before you run out of questions." You can save a lot of money by moving to because no plan at Chegg allows you to ask an infinite number of questions.

The drawback of is that any registered user can provide answers. Answering questions earns you points, which encourages people to do so.

A rather interesting Math Solver tool may be found on It is more than just a calculator; it simplifies each math answer and walks you through each step of how to solve it.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero is the most effective alternative for Chegg. More than 60 million study resources are available. You may ask a question and receive a response in as little as 15 minutes in addition to browsing textbook problems and step-by-step answers.

Course Hero


Prices start at just $9.95 per month, making it less expensive than Chegg. A membership allows you access to a certain number of questions each month, but the free plan requires you to pay each question.

There are hundreds of textbooks in a variety of areas, including biology, chemistry, and accountancy, which you may also peruse online. Similar to that, you may search for books by title, author, or ISBN.

Course Hero allows you to ask questions and get professional advice, just like Chegg. You don't have to pay to do it, though!

5. Bartleby

Chegg Study and Bartleby Learn are quite comparable, however Bartleby Learn is less expensive ($9.99/month) than Chegg Study. Additionally, you may purchase your first week for $4.99 if you're not sure if you want to sign up for a full month.



You can explore the current database of questions and answers and submit up to 30 questions every month using Bartleby Learn. The Bartleby library contains more than five million explanations and solutions to textbook problems.

To explore textbook answers, you do not need to register with Bartleby Learn, though. A great range of free solutions are also available. For individuals who need assistance with their essays, there is Bartleby Write. Additionally, it charges $9.99 each month, but you won't receive genuine people to write your essays for you.


A superior micro tutoring option to Chegg is It is provided by The Princeton Review, a test preparation business that also provides coaching, classes, books, and resources for college admissions., however, is for students of all levels who need assistance with any topic and is not exclusively for test preparation. The instructors on are genuine. They hold PhDs, are Ivy League grads, professors, and subject matter experts in a variety of fields.

You may read about each teacher, examine their qualifications and degrees, and look at the feedback they've received from past clients. Then, you may schedule a session with them by sending a message with the subject you need assistance with.

You can ask for more sessions with your teacher after your initial meeting; just bookmark the tutor if you like them. As an alternative, replaying your tutoring session or reading a transcript is a terrific approach to ensure that you fully comprehend what your tutor taught you.

7. StudyDaddy

StudyDaddy is a fantastic alternative to Chegg. There are no monthly obligations, unlike Chegg; rather, you pay for each question.



Just ask a question on one of the more than 40 topics. Based on the fees they consider acceptable, tutors will be able to submit suggestions and bids.

8. Quora

Quora is an excellent alternative for Chegg, simply because it is free. You may ask as many questions as you like, even contentious ones, and get knowledgeable responses.



Using Quora also has the benefit of supporting a variety of languages. Therefore, if English is not your first language, just select that language so that professionals can respond to you in that tongue.

9. School Solver

 School Solver is an another alternative for Chegg. 

School Solver


Students on School Solver will pay anything between $1 and $0.50 for a response to a question, with some prepared to pay as much as $100. It's entirely up to you, although spending a few bucks extra could shorten the time it takes to receive a response.

10. 24 Hour Answers

One of the most established alternatives to Chegg is 24 Hour Answers. It has existed since 2005. It was started by a chemistry professor so that students may receive rapid, affordable coaching on any topic.

24 Hour Answers


Although 24 Hour Answers is not free, it does not need a monthly subscription fee as Chegg would. Instead, you will receive a personalised quotation from an instructor after posting your question.

Additionally, you can obtain expert instruction at a predetermined hourly charge. Although tutoring is not always inexpensive, you may locate qualified professionals with advanced degrees right away without having to commit to working with the same instructor for an extended period of time.


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