The Book of Dog Edited by Hemali Sodhi

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19. Dec 2022
The Book of Dog Edited by Hemali Sodhi

The Book of Dog Edited by Hemali Sodhi is the founder of A Suitable Agency, which represents writers and advises on corporate communications and brand strategy. . A must read for everyone who loves dog.

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - There's nothing quite like the incredible relationship between a human and a dog. From the moment we lay eyes on an adorable puppy or a wonderful adult dog who becomes part of our life journey, we share innumerable moments of pure joy with our furry best friends. Download full PDF - Click Here 

With forty-five original pieces by some of India's leading writers, outstanding new voices and individuals who have dedicated their lives to animal welfare, The Book of Dog is a testament to how deeply dogs touch us, to the special bond we have with them and the unique place they hold in our hearts and our lives.

Through a series of unforgettable real-life stories-funny, poignant, warm and joyous -- the authors celebrate the remarkable dogs they have known and loved.This book is a must-read for everyone who cherishes dogs and the perfect gift for a dog-lover friend.

It will engross and delight readers of all ages as they go through one memorable story after another.--The Book of Dog is a project to which the editor and all the authors have contributed for free. All royalties will go to registered animal welfare charities. Read More


"There are stories of love, and stories of loss-for that is the nature of being a dog parent. But there is also tremendous joy and laughter, silliness (everyone should be silly once in a while-nothing to beat an old-fashioned bout of silliness to get some perspective), and the sheer, simple happiness that dogs bring into our lives.

Dogs make our world better. As you go through these pages and read these stories, you will share in some of the best moments and adventures of what it is like being a dog parent.

And if you haven't yet, I hope you will meet your Simba one day."


About the Author - A Suitable Agency, which represents authors and provides counsel on brand strategy and corporate communications, was founded by Hemali Sodhi. She consults with the New India Foundation and oversees communications at the Centre for Policy Research, a renowned think tank with offices in Delhi. Hemali, a dog lover and pet parent, donates to numerous organisations that promote animal welfare. She loves to read and travel, and she says that being around dogs is what makes her best days. Along with her husband and three of the world's best dogs, she resides in Gurgaon.



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