Oswal - Gurukul Biology Most Likely CBSE Question Bank

For Class 12 Exam 2023 - Chapterwise and Categorywise, New Paper Pattern Book

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17. Dec 2022
Oswal - Gurukul Biology Most Likely CBSE Question Bank

Oswal - Gurukul Biology Most Likely CBSE Question Bank for Class 12 Exam 2023 - Chapterwise & Categorywise (MCQs, Case, Assertion & Reasoning Based, Previous Years' Board Qs) - As per the Latest Board Syllabus Issued on 21st April 2022.

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - Learn, Practice, Improve and Make Progress with Oswal - Gurukul Most Likely CBSE Question Bank for Biology Class 12th Board Exam 2023. Consists of Chapterwise & Categorywise Question and Answers as per the Latest Syllabus issued on 21st April, 2022. Download Full PDF - Click Here

Biology CBSE Class 12 Question Bank highlighting the Knowledge based and Skill-based questions to prepare the subject in depth. Our handbook will help you study and practice well at home.

How can you benefit from Oswal - Gurukul Most Likely CBSE Biology Question Bank for 12th Class?

Our Chapterwise Question Bank provide in depth knowledge of different concept questions and their weightage to prepare you for Class 12th CBSE Board Exam 2023 as per Latest Syllabus issued by Board Circular No. Acad- 48/2022.

• Complete Explanation to All MCQs

• Focussed on New Paper Pattern QnA

• Chapter Summary for Easy & Quick Revision

• Previous Years Board Question Papers Incorporated

• Includes MCQs, Extract based, Very Short/Short/Long Answer Type Questions

Our Question Bank also consists of numerous tips and tools to improve study techniques for any exam paper. Students can create vision boards to establish study schedules, and maintain study logs to measure their progress. Download PDF

With the help of our handbook, students can also identify patterns in question types and structures, allowing them to cultivate more efficient answering methods. Our book can also help in providing a comprehensive overview of important topics in each subject, making it easier for students to solve for the exams. Read More

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