Make Your Own Luck by Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan

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7. Dec 2022
Make Your Own Luck by Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan

Make Your Own Luck by Bob Miglani and Rehan Yar Khan. This Book shows us How to help tilt the odds of Luck and Success in Our favour by  doing the Uncommon things.

About this Book - What does it take to have a successful sales career? What does it take to create a billion dollar startup? What does it take to move up and get promoted in your corporate career? What does it take to succeed in life?  It takes luck. Yes, some people are born into it. Some people fall into it.

Buy Book - Click Here - This book, for the first time, shares insights by two people one, a startup founder and investor in India; and the other, a successful executive of a Fortune 500 company in the US on how to increase the odds of success. Download full PDF - Click Here 

You don't have to be born into luck. You now have a chance to make your own. Whether it is landing the ideal job, surpassing your sales goals, or generating that billion-dollar startup idea, or finding ways to grow your business, you need an edge, an advantage - “luck accelerators” that help you and your business stand out, boosting you to new heights.

Learn why it is not good enough to be better - instead, you need to be different. Understand why you don’t need a plan B, but instead need multiple plan As; what it means to have a Beginner’s Mind; and many other insights that you need to practise to increase your odds of success.

Also, read the stories behind what it took to write the first investment cheques into today’s unicorns—Ola and Druva - when they were unknown and struggling for revenue. Stop waiting for luck to come into your life.Start making your own luck.


About the Author - 

Bob Miglani moved to the US from India with his family at the age of nine with nothing more than $75 and a desire to pursue the American dream. Today Bob works with CEOs, leaders, and companies to help them adapt to change and grow by bringing big, new ideas to market.

Rehan Yar Khan is an entrepreneur and venture capital investor. He is a passionate advocate of the new wave of entrepreneurship in India and is involved in the formulation of government policy for the startup ecosystem and efforts behind the holistic development of the space in India. 

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