How to Turn On or Off Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds Troubleshooting. How to charge them? How to turn them on and off? How to control noise cancelling? How to activate Siri? and more solutions

17. Jan 2023
How to Turn On or Off Beats Studio Buds

If you have Beats Studio Buds - Then this Article is for you - check all questions with answers and solutions -  


How to charge Beats Studio Buds?

Put your Beats Studio Buds in the charging case to start charging them. Place the earbuds in the case when you need to charge both the case and the earbuds. Then, use the USB-C connector that was sent with your Beats Studio Buds to attach the case to a power source. The charging case can also be used without the earbuds. (Note: A USB-C power adapter is not included.)

How to turn Beats Studio Buds on and off?

Beats Studio Buds turn on automatically when taken out of the case and turn off when put back inside with the lid closed.

Can we control your music of Beats Studio Buds?

Each earbud in the Beats Studio Buds has a multi-function button. Press once to start or stop the recording, twice to move forward, and three times to go back.



How to control noise cancelling in Beats Studio Buds?

Toggle between Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode by holding down the multi-function button.

How to improve the comfort, stability, and sound quality of your Beats Studio Buds?

A variety of eartip pairs are included with Beats earphones. Select the headphones that are most comfortable for you and offer the finest audio quality. Choose a set of eartips and secure them to your headphones if they don't already have them. Next, carefully place the eartip inside your ear. The eartip can be changed till it feels snug. Gently twist the earphone and pull it away from your ear to remove the eartip.

How to activate Siri or other voice assistants in Beats Studio Buds?

Saying "Hey Siri" on an Apple device will activate Siri hands-free. Alternately, you can modify the multi-function button's functionality in your iOS settings to enable your voice assistant. To activate the built-in voice assistant on your Android device instead of the multi-function button, download the Beats app.

How to configure the multi-function button in Beats Studio Buds?

The multi-function button can be set up to switch between ANC modes or engage the voice assistant. To choose your favourite function for each earbud in iOS, press on the product icon in Control Center and choose the "Press and hold" menu. Download the Beats app from Google Play to do this on Android. Once your product has been successfully linked in the app, go to the product page and pick the "Press and hold" menu to select the preferred function for each earpiece.

How long does the battery last in Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Studio Buds have a maximum listening time of 8 hours with ANC off and a maximum listening time of 5 hours with ANC on. Two extra charges are present in the case, totaling 24 hours with ANC off or 15 hours with ANC on.

Do Beats Studio Buds have a microphone?

Each earbud on the Beats Studio Buds has multiple microphones, allowing for high-quality call performance. Each earbud features a voice pickup microphone and two ANC-specific microphones.

How to pair Beats Studio Buds with my iPhone?

Beats Studio Buds come pre-paired and ready to use. Simply open the case's cover, place it next to an unlocked iPhone running the newest version of iOS, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to pair Beats Studio Buds with my Android device?

Google Fast Pair for Android enables one-tap pairing of your device. You need Android 6.0 or later, location enabled, and access to Google Play Services in order to use the feature. If you satisfy those conditions, simply open the case's lid, place it next to an unlocked phone, and follow the on-screen directions. Additionally, you can pair your device using the default Bluetooth menu.

How to pair Beats Studio Buds with my Mac or with another device that uses Bluetooth?

Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your Mac or other device. Hold your Beats Studio Buds next to your Mac or other device with the case cover open. Till the LED blinks, press and hold the system button on the charging case. On your Mac or other device, access the Bluetooth menu. For instance, on your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences and then click Bluetooth. Tap or click on your Beats Studio Buds in the list of Bluetooth devices that have been detected.

How to pair Beats Studio Buds with additional Bluetooth devices?

Place the earbuds in the case with the lid open in order to pair with multiple devices. The LED will then start to flash if you continue to press the tiny circular button. Beats Studio Buds can now be associated with any common Bluetooth device because they are in pairing mode.

Can we wear Beats Studio Buds just one earbud?

Yes, Both earbuds can be used independently.

How waterproof / water resistant are these in Beats Studio Buds?

Due to their IPX4 rating, Beats Studio Buds are impervious to sweat and water splashes from all angles. Water and sweat are not resistive to the casing.

How to keep my Beats Studio Buds product up to date?

Periodically, software upgrades will be made available to allow new capabilities or enhance the user experience. When linked to an Apple device, these so-called "silent" updates are turned on automatically. On an Android device, instal the Beats app from Google Play to stay current.


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