Essentials of Orthopedics for Physiotherapists

Author by John Ebnezar and Rakesh John

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16. Dec 2022
Essentials of Orthopedics for Physiotherapists

Essentials of Orthopedics for Physiotherapists written by John Ebnezar and Rakesh John. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and the colour format is greatly improved. More clinical photographs have been added in the text for better understanding of orthopaedic conditions and new surgical photographs have been included where needed, which is an additional bonus for physiotherapy students, for they seldom get a chance to witness live surgeries in their career. Download full PDF - Click Here

Gaining an insight into the operative pictures with help them understand the treatment of orthopaedic conditions better, and this will make them better physiotherapists. Many new X-rays have been added to enhance and enrich their clinical knowledge.

Plenty of orthopaedic techniques, like reduction of a fracture or a dislocation, have been shown to improve understanding of the treatment of common orthopaedic conditions. All the attractive features of the previous edition, like short summaries, mnemonics, and anecdotes, have been retained, as these were very popular with the physiotherapy fraternity. Read More

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