Do It Today Book by Darius Foroux

Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity and Achieve more Meaningful Things.

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10. Jan 2023
Do It Today Book by Darius Foroux

Do It Today - Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity and Achieve more Meaningful Things by Darius Foroux.

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - The International Bestseller: DO IT TODAY Are you also tired of putting off your dreams until "tomorrow?" Guess what! Tomorrow never comes. Am I right? I've procrastinated and putt off my desire to write a book for a decade. Download full PDF - Click Here

I always came up with excuses like, "it's not the right time." Or, "I need to do more research." But in 2015 I got tired of this endless procrastination, and finally took action. Six months later, my first book was published. Look, we all have limited time on our hands. Download Paperback

And we're getting closer to death every single minute. That shouldn't scare. That should motivate you!Time is limited, that's why we must do the things we want: Today.In this "best of" collection, I've handpicked 30 of my best articles that help you to overcome procrastination, improve your productivity, and achieve all the things you always wanted. Plus, I've written an extensive introduction about my life and work philosophy.

And I've made many improvements and edits to the articles. So the content of this book is different from the articles on my site.In Do It Today, you'll learn:1.Why we procrastinate and how we can overcome it2.How to increase your productivity without being stressful3.How to achieve more meaningful things in your life so you can enjoy it moreAre you ready to start reading this book? If so: Do it today-not tomorrow. Buy Kindle Edition


About the Author - 

Darius Foroux founded The Sounding Board and is the author of seven books. He writes about productivity, habits, decision-making, and wealth creation as a former business student. His thoughts and work have appeared in several publications, including TIME, NBC, Fast Company, Inc., Observer, and many more. His blog, which he launched in 2015 and utilises as his primary platform to communicate with people around the world who read his work or seek advice, receives more than 500K readers each month.


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